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We’re getting REAL PERSONAL (even more so than usual?! haha) as I share my life-long battle or journey (ding) with anxiety. What it has looked like for me, and how it has effected my family and life.

I also share the steps I’ve take in recent years to work towards overcoming it. Even if you don’t struggle with depression or anxiety personally, I hope that listening gives you some ideas for how to reach out and help those in your life who do.

 Overcoming your anxiety checklist:

  1. DON’T wait to get help until it gets worse!
  2. If you’re taking medicine, look into counseling.
  3. Identify your single biggest energy draining negative belief.
  4. Once you have that energy, MOVE YOUR BODY.
  5. Implement a gratitude practice!
  6. Grow, Learn, and Evolve!
  7. Fill your well!
  8. Start to notice how your thoughts and emotions are HABITS!
  9. Don’t get caught up in being perfect!
  10. Keep fighting the good fight Every. Damn. Day.

If you are suffering, or feeling too discouraged to continue, PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP. Relief and love are out there. Please know we love you and REACH OUT FOR HELP.

National crisis text line: 741741

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Eric takes us out with “First Time in the Fjords” from Pleasant Pictures Music Club


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