Awesome With Alison EP: 50


Oh my holy crap are you going to LOVE this episode! I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing New York Times bestselling author, and overall all BOSS BABE Rachel Hollis, and she did NOT HOLD BACK! Rachel talks to us all about going after your dreams in the face of rejection and discouragement and it is awesome! She also shares fantastic CONCRETE actions that you can implement today to start getting closer to your goals and dreams. During this episode Rachel offers up two questions to ask yourself that I found to be life-changing, and in addition to ALL that, she’s just a lot of fun. Rachel and I talk about what to do with jealousy (after I admit I’ve been totally jealous of her) ha! and how she wrote her beautiful book that I highly recommend, Girl Wash Your Face! Don’t miss this one. Just don’t. I hope you love it and feel FIRED UP to become a barracuda like Rachel.



Eric takes us out with “Grownup Talk” from Pleasant Pictures Music Club


Gettin’ Bookie with it!

Girl, Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis


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Pump UP! Songs that flip my mood!

Rachel’s Pump up song is Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore


Awesome things we referenced in this episode:

Rachel Hollis on Instagram, her Podcast, and her new book Girl, Wash Your Face

Goal Digger podcast by Jenna Kutcher

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast by Amy Porterfield

Awesome With Alison Ep. 24: I’M FREAKING GRATEFUL: A Gratitude Practice

Mel Robbins on Instagram and her website

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon

Freshly Picked Moccasins


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