Awesome With Alison EP: 49


What’s your problem?!  No, like actually, what’s a problem you’re dealing with right now? Are you looking for new ways to approach it? Are you hoping for a different solution than the one in the thought-loop your mind keeps landing on? Then you’re going to want to strap on the ol’ earbuds and learn about the mind-blowing principle of the adjacent possible! This principle has changed my life over the past few years by changing the way I come up with solutions to problems. It’s abstract yet simple, and it’s SCIENCE! I hope you love it, I hope it opens up some doors for you and I hope you tell all your friends about it too!



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Eric takes us out with “This Boy is in Love” from The Insufferable Groo soundtrack. Back The Insufferable Groo on Kickstarter!


Gettin’ Bookie with it!

The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown


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Alison’s Year of Awesome

The Genius of the Tinker by Stephen Johnson


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